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Wild Fitness Club

Wild Fitness is a new sports program developed by Dragon American School. We are taking advantage of the exceptional environment in which we are located. Wild Fitness activities are designed to exercise outdoors and benefit from an outdoor natural environment bringing students closer to a whole world of enriching experiences in every way.


Our first proposal consists of six activities, which could be joined in by other students. Wild Fitness is not a closed program, it can evolve and grow. The activities that we have now are the following:

– Climbing
– Canyoning (in season)
– Skiing (in season)
– Snowboard
– MTB (mountain bike)
– Hiking
– Orientation
– Trail Running

At Dragon American School we have always been committed to being close to nature. It is not just a coincidence that we are in an environment that offers us everything we need to be able to develop these experiences with our students. Wild Fitness offers a series of fun and demanding outdoor sports activities that require both good shape and all the techniques involved. Likewise, and in line with our way of learning, these activities will provide the opportunity to understand physical and mathematical principles through the techniques, safety measures, etc.


How are these activities structured?

A) Wild Fitness within the school’s academic schedule: students from grade 1 to 12 will be able to carry out activities within the school day. These activities are part of the academic day and have NO ADDITIONAL COST.

That is, within the school calendar and agenda: Wild Fitness is a subject at Dragon American School. Students can choose this subject like any other, and their teacher/coach will set the activities for each week according to the season, the weather, etc. You will be informed in advance of each activity so that you can come with the appropriate equipment.

B) Wild Fitness Club (WFC): an extra-curricular activity that includes classes to improve technique, specific training, as well as trips, outings, etc. These activities ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SCHOOL FEES AND THEREFORE THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA CHARGE TO JOIN THIS CLUB.

That is, extracurricular activities: students who wish to deepen their knowledge, perfect their technique and physical condition, and ultimately establish themselves at a higher level in one of the activities, can sign up for the classes that will take place off school hours. These have an extra cost.

C) Free use of the facilities: the students, in their free time within the school schedule, will be able to use the available facilities, always following the rules and with the necessary authorizations (for example, the climbing wall). If they haven´t signed up for classes (inside or outside the school hours), they will not have technical instructions or follow-up.

D) Outings and trips: Wild Fitness activities will be scheduled for students who have signed up, half-day, one-day, one-week, camps, etc. Both within the school agenda and during holidays.




Not necessarily. Unlike sports such as football or basketball, which are mainly based on competitions (one team always competes against the other), in Wild Fitness activities, you do sports for the pure pleasure of doing it, without the need to compete. But there are competitions in all of them: climbing competitions, skiing, trail running, etc. Our program is not designed from a competitive point of view, but students who wish to compete in any of the disciplines will have all our support and Dragon American School will help them follow their sports career in the competitions they choose.


Definitely, yes. All Wild Fitness activities are sports. Very demanding sports, both physically and technically. They require good physical shape, training, knowledge and improvement of technique, etc.




Wild Fitness is a sport, but as we have already said, it is also a “laboratory” where you can practice, understand and apply scientific knowledge, but it also has cultural touch. It promotes cultural and natural knowledge of our mountain range “La Sierra”, which is full of history, legends and adventures. A whole magical world to discover is within easy reach in the mountains that surround us.


Many of the activities offered in Wild Fitness have a certain injury risk, as most sports activities do. In this respect it is important that students and their families are aware of this, that they always follow the safety measures required to minimize these risks, that they follow the instructions given by instructors and teachers at all times, and that if in the event of an accident, they need to accept the responsibility with sportsmanship, integrity and equanimity.


Wild Fitness is very appropriate in the special times we are living in. Practicing outdoor activities, minimizes the risk of contagion. This is the reason why we are working to have the program available as soon as possible.

Wild Fitness. Nuevos deportes de exterior en Dragon American School

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Ágata, madre de dos

(…) Para mí el colegio el Dragón es lo mejor que hay por lo menos en Madrid. En el Dragón no hay casi bullying, y si lo hay lo paran de raíz con un protocolo que ha de seguir llamado protocolo firewall, así, no hay casos de bullying (aunque si seguís al colegio desde hace ya tiempo quizás lo conozcáis). Los compas son todos o la mayoría muy buena tente, ellos siempre tratan bien a la gente y te acoplarás muy bien. (…)

Shayra, madre de dos

(…) La experiencia de nuestra familia en el Dragón ha sido muy gratificante. Nuestro hijo de 7 años va al colegio contento cada mañana. Sin duda hemos tomado la decisión más acertada para su eduación.(…)

Shayra, madre de dos

(…) La experiencia de nuestra familia en el Dragón ha sido muy gratificante. Nuestro hijo de 7 años va al colegio contento cada mañana. Sin duda hemos tomado la decisión más acertada para su eduación.(…)

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