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Our Team

Dragon American School consists of a group of professionals with experience and expertise in the most innovative and leading pedagogical trends.

Our team is made up of around 50% of teachers who have English as their first language (USA, CANADA, UK, IRLANDA) whilst the other 50% are from other nationalities (SPAIN, ARGENTINA, CHILE, ESPAÑA, RUSIA, CHIPRE, VENEZUELA and FILIPINAS), many of who have worked as teachers in the USA and most of them have a very high level of English.


All the staff in Dragon American School are fully involved in the development of our students. The multidisciplinary and eclectic nature of our team promotes individual learning and we achieve this through incomparably diverse approaches.


Our team is dedicated to education. Trained in new innovative methods of education whilst understanding more traditional procedures our teachers keep up to date with all new developments, researches or recent publications throughout the world. This way, they are continually adapting their teaching methods thus guaranteeing a future for our students.

Based on a Tech Start-Up corporate cultural model, where there is no rigid hierarchy, teachers work as a team creating a better school climate. Collaboration between both levels -Elementary and Secondary – allows achieving our tailor-made academic programme.

Kindergarten teachers receive specialized training in our school throughout school years, specifically focused on the different methods used in democratic schools (Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf, Positive Discipline, Aucouturier, Pikler-Loczy). Our school also provides continuous and specific training to Elementary and Secondary teachers. They receive training on different methodologies with a multidisciplinary approach linked to each major area (IGCSE, Multiple Intelligence, High Abilities, Learning Disabilities and many more…).


Our aim is to gather a team of people with great attributes and principles. The skills and qualities that we look for in the process of staff selection are the following:

• Passion/Motivation
• Professionalism and Responsability
• Adaptability
• Integrity/Honesty
• Dynamism and Energy
• Autonomy and Iniciative

We believe that workplace satisfaction is the key to success. For this reason, we encourage self-awareness and self-care activities in order to lead a healthy lifestyle (meditation, yoga, personal development workshops, nutrition, healthy habits, etc.).

Dragon American School is continuously interviewing new teachers throughout the school year as we are constantly looking out for the best teachers to join our supply pool.



Operation Manager


New Learning Architect


School Co-Founder, School Principal and
Educational Psychologist

Juan Morán

School Co-Founder and Mathematician

Phil Houghton

My name is Phil and I am the middle and high school teacher for Mathematics, Enterprise, Business and Thinking Skills. I am from Cambridge, United Kingdom but have also worked and lived in Italy, United States, Netherlands and the British Virgin Islands. I studied Mechanical Engineering (MEng) in the UK and USA, and recently obtained an


¡Hola! Mi nombre es Elvira y soy la profesora de Lengua y Literatura Española de Dragon American School. Estoy acreditada por la Comunidad de Madrid y estoy licenciada en Filología Hispana. Soy una apasionada de la Literatura y también del Latín.


I am Valentina and I have been working at Dragon American School since 2019. I was born in Chile, raised in United States and settle in Spain. I started my studies by acquiring a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science, where I discovered the amazing world of education!
I later graduated in Education- Area of expertise: Teacher training (Elementary) specialized in teaching English as a foreign language. I also hold a Secondary Teaching Certification and I am currently finishing my University Expert Degree in Active pedagogies and Comprehensive Education.
I love learning and keeping up to date with new pedagogical trends. In the past few years , I have taken part in different relevant courses: Positive Discipline Accreditation ,Teaching Proficiency Language through Writing and Storytelling, Certificate Problem-based learning, Neuroscience in education, Non-Violent Communication, Waldorf pedagogy.

Even in my hobbies I have always been drawn to education and its multidisciplinary approach! I was a 1st division National Volleyball player, and got the National Level Volleyball Coach Certification and coached teams for more than 15 years. I also love nature and mountain hiking, so encouraging children to enjoy it is also one of my goals, I studied and got the Leisure time Coordinator certificate.

I am very happy to work in Dragon American school, a place where I can continue to learn and develop my passion for education, English, and nature every day.


Educational Psychologist & School PT;
Diplomatura de Maestro


My name is Laura and I am an English Teacher in Elementary School. I am from a small village on the East Coast of Ireland. I studied Montessori Teaching and I have a TEFL Certificate for teaching English as a second language. I have lived in Australia, New Zealand, The UK and have taught English in all of these countries to foreigners from all over the world. I also spent a short period in Thailand and taught there too. I have been living and working in Spain for almost 8 years, always teaching English to adults and children, so I have lots of experience with both and I really love it! I love to travel and learn about new cultures and food from different countries. I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and of course my family back in Ireland when I can travel there or when they travel here to Spain.


My name is Jean-Michel Unglas. I was born in France. I studied music in London where I also worked as a music teacher. I have been living in Spain for 10 years. I started teaching English ESL here, then I taught French as a foreign language and music. I am a musician, my main instrument is the guitar but I also play the drums, the bass and a bit of piano.


Art & Design Teacher, Graduate in Fine Arts and Master Degree in Jewelry Design


Spanish for Elementary & Physical Education Teacher. She is also in charge of the Woodshop. Diplomatura de Maestro


Chef and Kitchen Coordinator. Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


Kindergarten English Teacher, Bachelor of Arts, Honours BA with Specialization in Spanish


Kindergarten Spanish Teacher and Educational Psychologist


School Secretary & Official Translator Degree


School Administrative


Hello! My name is Mariana. I'm argentinian and lived in Spain since 2001. I have a Fashion & Textile Designer Degree. I studied at a bilingual school in Buenos Aires, and have an IB Diploma. I'm a mom of 2 and a sports fan. I reinvented myself several times: was a partner of Séptimo Arte Cine Digital and owned 2 restaurants in Madrid. I designed swimsuits for Tenkey and the Sincronized Swimming teams of Torrelodones, Villalkor, El Escorial and Brunete until I was offered a job position at Dragon American School. Now I'm learning lots about different pedagogical systems all around the world. Working here opened for me a whole new world.

Vanessa B. Dorda

Hello families and students! I'm Vanessa, the new geography, history and philosophy teacher. I have a degree in History and a master's degree in Anthropology and American History. My studies have led me to live wonderful experiences getting to know different cultures, in many different ways as working with indigenous communities in Mesoamerica or enjoying a scholarship at the University of Southern California (USC). My passions are traveling, swimming and reading. I am looking forward to being part of DAS team and to helping our new generations feel a passion for learning.


My name is José Moran and I'm a partner of Dragon American School. I studied Economics and have an MBA CAV Business School.


Hi! My name is Rubén and I do all kind of sports, although the most important for me is climbing, which marked my way of life, but I also practice MTB, surf, snow, diving. I played for Atlético de Madrid in the children's category of the first team. Together with José Morán we started the Wildfitness Club. I am a TDM (Sport Technician in Mountain) for the Madrid High Mountain Federation. I'm also a Climbing Coach for adults and children for 9 years and a Trainer for future Climbing Teachers.

What they say about us

Ágata, madre de dos

(…) Para mí el colegio el Dragón es lo mejor que hay por lo menos en Madrid. En el Dragón no hay casi bullying, y si lo hay lo paran de raíz con un protocolo que ha de seguir llamado protocolo firewall, así, no hay casos de bullying (aunque si seguís al colegio desde hace ya tiempo quizás lo conozcáis). Los compas son todos o la mayoría muy buena tente, ellos siempre tratan bien a la gente y te acoplarás muy bien. (…)

Shayra, madre de dos

(…) La experiencia de nuestra familia en el Dragón ha sido muy gratificante. Nuestro hijo de 7 años va al colegio contento cada mañana. Sin duda hemos tomado la decisión más acertada para su eduación.(…)

Shayra, madre de dos

(…) La experiencia de nuestra familia en el Dragón ha sido muy gratificante. Nuestro hijo de 7 años va al colegio contento cada mañana. Sin duda hemos tomado la decisión más acertada para su eduación.(…)

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