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Our Team

Dragon American School is run by a small group of professionals with both experience and expertise in the most innovative and leading pedagogical methodology.

Around 50% of our teaching team are native English speakers, from countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK and even Ireland. While the other 50% are from other countries such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Cyprus, Venezuela and the Philippines, many of whom have worked as teachers in the USA and also have a very high level of English.


Our team is dedicated to education and trained in new and innovative methods of education whilst also understanding more traditional procedures. Our teachers make it a priority to keep up to date with all new developments, research or recent publications throughout the world. In doing this they ensure that they are continually adapting their teaching methods and as a result guaranteeing a bright future for their students.

Based on a Tech Start-Up corporate cultural model, where there is no rigid hierarchy, teachers work as a team in order to create a better school climate. Collaboration between teachers of both Elementary and Secondary allows us to create our tailor-made academic programme.

Our Kindergarten teachers receive specialized training in our school throughout the school year, specifically focused on the different methods used in democratic schools (Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf, Positive Discipline, Aucouturier, Pikler-Loczy). Our school also provides continuous and specific professional development for our Elementary and Secondary teachers. They receive training in different methodologies with a multidisciplinary approach linked to each major area (IGCSE, Multiple Intelligence, High Abilities, Learning Disabilities and many more…).


Our aim is to gather a team of people with great attributes and principles. The skills and qualities that we look for in the process of staff selection are the following:

• Passion/Motivation
• Professionalism and Responsibility
• Adaptability
• Integrity/Honesty
• Dynamism and Energy
• Autonomy and Initiative

We believe that workplace satisfaction is the key to success. For this reason, we encourage self-awareness and self-care activities in order to encourage our staff to lead a healthy lifestyle (meditation, yoga, personal development workshops, nutrition, healthy habits, etc.).

Dragon American School is continuously interviewing new teachers throughout the school year as we are constantly looking out for the best teachers to join our supply pool.

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“I am so very fortunate to have created the school of my dreams, to have an active role and observe how the school continues to grow every day.”

School Principal and Counselor
CEO Dragon School SL

Co-founder Dragon American School
Founder La Libelula Nursery School

Educational Psychologist
Pre-School Teacher
Facilitator for Educational Intervention with animals
Mindfulness teacher at the school
Yoga Teacher: Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga for Teenagers
Psychomotor Therapist

Her professional career in the field of Education has been extensive.
She has worked in prestigious international and Spanish educational centers.
For 5 years she was immersed in Education and Social Services, with extensive experience in different areas, such as intervention with adolescents under judicial management, prevention of minors at risk of social exclusion, working with women victims of violence and managing social projects in various NGOs.
She founded her first company in 2008, La Libelula (Dragonfly) Nursery School for children from 0 to 3 years old, which was based on the Pikler-Lòczy pedagogy and quickly became a benchmark in Madrid.
In 2012, she founded, together with Juan Morán, Dragon American School as the continuation of La Libelula.

Over the last 8 years, Juan Morán and Barbara Serrano have worked side-by-side to create a new educational system, unique worldwide, whose main characteristic is radical Personalization.

Juan Morán

School Co-Founder and Mathematician


My name is José Moran and I'm a partner of Dragon American School. I studied Economics and have an MBA CAV Business School.


Vice-Principal, Learning Architect & Academic Counselor.

I am an engineer, mediator, street educator, STEM teacher, writer and researcher. I have collaborated in different educational projects for over 20 years. My journey began when I volunteered in a youth organization participating in socio-educational interventions with minors at risk of exclusion.

Since then I have been educating myself continuously and working on different projects, among which include my role as Co-Founder, educator and project manager at Escuela Libre Baobab. And of course, my current position as Vice Principal and co-implementer of the secondary school (Middle School and High School) at Dragon American School, the first democratic center with approved secondary and high school levels in Spain.

I currently combine work with doctoral studies at the Complutense University of Madrid where I am focused on learning about school's participatory and the school-learner adjustment processes specficially in secondary school.

I have had the opportunity to verify throughout my career that many aspects that both the educational institutions and the most established authorities in Pedagogy have pointed out for more than a century is the importance of including students as active subjects and protagonists in the educational processes.

My aspiration is to collaborate in a generalized transformation of the educational system in this regard, to achieve a more democratic, rational and creative society. On a personal note, I am passionate about sports and classic rock. I am a vegan, enjoy building models and strategy and role-playing games.


I am Valentina and I have been working at Dragon American School since 2019. I was born in Chile, raised in United States and settle in Spain. I started my studies by acquiring a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science, where I discovered the amazing world of education!
I later graduated in Education- Area of expertise: Teacher training (Elementary) specialized in teaching English as a foreign language. I also hold a Secondary Teaching Certification and I am currently finishing my University Expert Degree in Active pedagogies and Comprehensive Education.
I love learning and keeping up to date with new pedagogical trends. In the past few years , I have taken part in different relevant courses: Positive Discipline Accreditation ,Teaching Proficiency Language through Writing and Storytelling, Certificate Problem-based learning, Neuroscience in education, Non-Violent Communication, Waldorf pedagogy.

Even in my hobbies I have always been drawn to education and its multidisciplinary approach! I was a 1st division National Volleyball player, and got the National Level Volleyball Coach Certification and coached teams for more than 15 years. I also love nature and mountain hiking, so encouraging children to enjoy it is also one of my goals, I studied and got the Leisure time Coordinator certificate.

I am very happy to work in Dragon American school, a place where I can continue to learn and develop my passion for education, English, and nature every day.


My name is Amy and I am a mentor and Elementary teacher at Dragon American School. I joined Dragon in 2018.

I was born in Madrid, although I have always loved to travel. I lived one year in Galway (Ireland)and another year in Minnesota (USA), both as a basketball teacher or coach.

I have a teaching degree in Physical Education and have been a basketball coach for 15 years.

In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, reading and recently discovered mountain hiking. I enjoy building and creating structures with different materials and tools, as well as board and card games.

I love my job and I get up every day with enthusiasm, alwayssearchingfor new challenges. I never stop learning in DragonAmerican School.


Chef and Kitchen Coordinator. Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


Hello, my name is Jean-Michel Unglas, I was born in Toulouse, France.I have been teaching for 13 years both in the UK and in Spain. I am specialised in Popular Music and foreign languages (French & English). I studied Music at Goldsmiths University in London and started my career as a Music Teacher at the South Essex College of Further and Higher Education in Southend-on-Sea(UK).

I have been living in Madrid for 11 years where I have been teaching extensively French and English as a foreign language andMusic in different private international schools. This year, I will be teaching Music, French and English at the Dragon American School.

This term,I will also provide origami workshops and hopefully photography workshop next term


Hi! I’m Claire, the English reference in Dragonfly and I also offer French classes! This is my third year working at Dragon American School. I have been living and teaching English in Madrid for 5 years. I am from Ottawa, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Spanish and a specialization in bilingual teaching Methodology and Evaluation of the English Language. In my free time I love riding my road bike around Madrid and having picnics in the park and going hiking.


Dear Families,

Some of you already know me, for those of you who don'tplease allow me to introduce myself: I'm Pilar, I have a degree inPedagogy, specializedin Early Childhood Care and Special Education. As I love to keep learning, I am currently finishing my degree in Early Childhood Education.

I have always been passionate about the different ways in which human beings learn and teach, that is why I believe faithfully in the organic methodology of Dragon American School.

This is my third year at DAS. You can find me in Dragonfly. I am the Spanish reference and one of the guides for the youngest children in the school.

Welcome to the new school year


Hello, my name is Natalie Paessler, I am half German and half British though I have lived most of my life in Spain. This will be my first year teaching in Dragon American school, and I believe this is exactly the style of educating children that fits perfectly with my character. Everybody refers to me as a very creative person and I admit, I love to invent new, challenging and unique tasks in both my professional and personal life. After graduating from the American University of Paris, I crossed the Atlantic in a sailboat, worked as a ski and snowboard instructor in Sierra Nevada and then spent the summer as a water ski instructor in Club Med in Greece before I settled down to work in documentary and sports filming which was all very exciting. 15 years ago, when my first child was born though, I discovered the beauty and passion I felt while teaching everyday concepts to my daughter and so shifted my career becoming a Junior and Primary teacher. I love animals, nature, all sorts of adventure sports and I really love children, and have four of my own. My aim in life is to try everything no matter how challenging, never give up on my dreams and on people I meet throughout my life, and to be an inspiring person to my students, family and friends.

Vanessa B. Dorda

Hello families and students! I'm Vanessa, the new geography, history and philosophy teacher. I have a degree in History and a master's degree in Anthropology and American History. My studies have led me to live wonderful experiences getting to know different cultures, in many different waysas working with indigenous communities in Mesoamerica or enjoying a scholarship at the University of Southern California (USC). My passions are traveling, swimming and reading. I am looking forward to being part of DAS teamand to helpingour new generations feel a passion for learning.


Hi! My name is Rubén and I do all kind of sports, although the most important for me is climbing, which marked my way of life, but I also practice MTB, surf, snow, diving. I played for Atlético de Madrid in the children's category of the first team. Together with José Morán we started the Wildfitness Club. I am a TDM (Sport Technician in Mountain) for the Madrid High Mountain Federation. I'm also a Climbing Coach for adults and children for 9 years and a Trainer for future Climbing Teachers.


Hello!, I'm Fanny, teacher and mentor in elementary school. I'm Spanish and I've lived in Torrelodones since I was 2 years old. I have a degree in early childhoodeducation. I am also a swimminginstructor for kidsand matroswimming teacher. I am currently studying a course in active pedagogy, certified by Nebrija. I have always worked in education, with more than 10 years of experience and I am very happy and excited to work in DAS.I have much to give and much to learn in this type of education. I am passionate about my work. I am an outgoing person. I love to talk and enjoy listening. My hobbies include handicrafts, crochet, sewing... everything that involvescreating! The world of photography, dancing in general, although myfavourite isflamenco. I lovenatureand I adorespending time with my family and friends.


I’m Michael and I was born and raised in the mountains of Lake Tahoe in Northern California. I grew up ski racing, swimming, rock climbing, playing baseball or just anything outdoors though I have always had a side for art and music as well.I graduated undergrad from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, a minor in Food Studies, and a concentration in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics and was awarded the Chancellor’s Service award for my work in the public health sector and UCLA hospitals as well as my work managing several non profit organizations in the LA area.I went on to graduate from Boston University with a Masters in Education and Public Policy while teaching math and science at a middle school level.Since then I have lived and been teaching here in Madrid and have felt a warm welcome from the community here at Dragón! My teaching style falls a lot under project based and hands on learning so I am excited to see what we can create in the coming year while working towards our academic goals.


School Administrative


Hello! My name is Mariana. I'm argentinian and lived in Spain since 2001. I have a Fashion & Textile Designer Degree. I studied at a bilingual school in Buenos Aires, and have an IB Diploma. I'm a mom of 2 and a sports fan. I reinvented myself several times: was a partner of Séptimo Arte Cine Digital and owned 2 restaurants in Madrid. I designed swimsuits for Tenkey and the Sincronized Swimming teams of Torrelodones, Villalkor, El Escorial and Brunete until I was offered a job position at Dragon American School. Now I'm learning lots about different pedagogical systems all around the world. Working here opened for me a whole new world.


I'm Rishabh! I joined Dragon just this past week as the new Economics, Business and English teacher. I'm from Bangalore, India and came to Madrid when I was 16. I'm currently studying the Master en Formacion Profesorado en Universidad Complutense de Madrid. My favourite part about teaching Economics is encouraging the students to open their minds to see the economy and society at large in a less-traditional manner. And if there's anything I've learned in the last week, it's that Dragon is everything but traditional!


My name is Javier. I´m a Spanish and Literature teacher at Dragon American School. I was born, raised and also studied in Madrid. As soon as I finished my studies in Philosophy and Arts, I decided to go abroad to see the world. In addition to traveling around Europe, I've lived in Italy, Ireland and Austria where I worked as a teacher. Once I returned to Spain I continued to teach. All together it has been more than six years of listening, speaking, reading and living with and in different cultures, languages, worldviews; basically 6 years of learning, specifically, from the people I have had the fortune to meet. Now I try to use my experiences to open my student's eyes to culture, art, contemplation and to show them that books can be magical.

Denice Louie

Secondary Mathematics and Psychology teacher, mentor.

I graduated from the University of California in San Diego with degrees in Mathematics (BS), Psychology (BA), and Education (MEd). Since then, I have worked at several schools along the California coastline, worked in Tanzania, and collaborated with Oxford University to open a pilot school before moving to Madrid in 2020. Over the years, I have accumulated experience not just as a teacher, but also as a mentor for students and teachers, and thoroughly enjoy work that reforms education, specifically in math, to go beyond skill and drill or rote memorization.

Outside of work, I have a zen for all things new and enjoy immersing myself in unfamiliar territory in order to learn -- whether it be places, cultures, food, or experiences. I firmly believe that personal growth happens just outside our comfort zones as long as the appropriate mindset is in place, and live to embody this very belief both outside and inside my classroom.


My name is Salvador Rey, I ´ve been working as IT for seven years for the CAM (Comunidad de Madrid) and Cobol Programmer until I decided to focus my career on what I studied for: teaching. I,ve been an English teacher in a private school for 10 years, although I was collaborating in many other projects, like Drama Classes or even Music Choir Classes.

I consider myself an all-or-nothing person in everything that I like, from sports or games to History, so, apart from "what I've done to survive", I have focused my passion on several other "Projects":
- After 20 years as a basketball player, I've been a basketball referee for the FMB for the last 17 years.
- I've worked for the Games Industry (Wizkids, Games Workshop, Gen-X Games) as a translator to Spanish, writing several articles for magazines and I have participated in 5 World Championships, as a player in 4 of them (Columbus, Indianapolis, Lucca), as a Referee in the last one (Dornbirn) and I'm part of the staff organizing the next World Championship in September 2023 in Alicante as Head Referee.
- I've been part of a Viking Historical Recreation group focused in the XIX-X centuries.
- I'm an actor in horror, epic and sci-fi events (Despertalia).

It's been magical for me to find a school like Dragon American School, the school where I would like to be as a kid, and I'm very grateful to be part of the project.


Hello, I’m Jessica, a new teacher at Dragon! I was born and raised in the state of Florida. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout my career, I dived into research and was exposed to materials, design and development, and experimental analysis within the Mechanical and Aerospace Department. As a kid, I enjoyed collecting telescopes, designing and making clothes, and sports! Today, I like to travel, try new food, and play the Ukulele.

I moved to Spain a few years ago, and I felt right at home! At Dragon, I enjoy teaching Math, Science, and Technology! During these courses, we will explore scientific laws, conduct experiments, and understand the relationship between the environment and the content of the course. I believe students learn best through hands-on experience and real-world applications. Overall, I look forward to a great school year!


Hi! My name is Bernie and I started working at DAS in 2021. From the very beginning, I was struck by the way freedom influenced our pedagogy in school. I started my training with a BEd in Early Childhood Special Education and a BS in Psychology. Thus, the child-lead approach to learning in DAS is aligned with my personal teaching philosophy. I later obtained a MS in Special Education and became a BCBA. I love serving students and working with them on personal and academic goals that are relevant and meaningful to them. To achieve this, I cultivate a personal approach that regards students as a whole, considering all areas of life and collaborating with families as much as possible. One of my favorite things about my job is having the opportunity to instill a deep love of learning in our students!


Hi! My name is Caren, and I am an English teacher here at Dragon American School for Elementary and Middle School. I recently joined the team, and I am in love with the school, the staff, the students. I am from Portland, Oregon, but I was raised in Spain by my American mom ?For almost 20 years I have been working as an English teacher in both public and private schools. And I´ve also taught drama and dance as an afterschool program. While living in the US I worked as a Spanish teacher at Child´s View Montessori and Portland International School.
Combining hands-on teaching experience with studying Gestalt psychology and theatre/dance courses has enabled me not only to be a better educator, but, I hope, to be a better parent to my 6-year-old son.
Outside school I like to enjoy quality time with my family and my son, read, go to the theater, hike mountains and when the planets align: dance salsa!


Hola, mi nombre es Deanna y soy mentora y maestra de artes visuales en el Dragon American School. Soy maestra Certificada de Arte y ESL y también tengo un Master en Educación Artística.
Soy de Lake Villa, IL (un pequeño pueblo al norte de Chicago). Fui a la Universidad en Edgewood College en Madison, Wisconsin, dónde estudié arteterapia. Después de la universidad, viví en Wisconsin y trabajé en varios puestos relacionados con la educación, el arte y el bienestar, aprendí mucho y adquirí experiencia. Esos puestos incluyeron profesor de arte en el estudio de Reggio Emilia en preescolar, director de un programa extracurricular, especialista en inclusión para estudiantes con autismo, coordinador del departamento de educación de Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madison y, finalmente, un puesto sin fines de lucro que coordina la programación educativa de bienestar. Me mudé a España en 2019 y he estado trabajando en educación ESL durante 3 años. El año pasado realicé un Máster en Educación Artística en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Me encanta mi trabajo en Dragon American School ya que puedo unir mi interés en la educación progresiva y mi pasión por las artes en un ambiente dinámico con un gran equipo. ¡Espero verte pronto!


Hi! My name is David and I am the Spanish language and literature teacher at Dragon American School. I was born in Madrid and studied at a British Montessori school, where I developed a passion for British and American literature. I majored in English Philology at Complutense University, where I also did a master’s degree in Literary Studies and went on to write my PhD dissertation about American author Kurt Vonnegut and the relationship between his science fiction novels, modern US history, and the Biblical apocalypse. I have worked in the educational field for almost a decade and got my master’s degree to become a secondary teacher from the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA) while working as an English teacher and completing my thesis. In my classes, I like to adopt an enquiry-based approach to literature and language, linking them to matters of history, philosophy, and popular culture, while inciting personal interpretation of texts and promoting a problematizing view of culture that encourages students to think out of the box and challenge their preconceptions. Other than literature, my greatest passion is music. I am an avid record collector and have been playing guitar since I was 14 years old. I joined my first group at 17 and, since then, have played in several bands in the Madrid underground rock scene, which has given me the chance to travel all over Spain and parts of Europe playing my music, record several albums, and live great adventures.


Born in Leeds, England and a true Yorkshireman.
I've been teaching for over 20 years, starting out as an English teacher and progressing to other subjects including music, STEM and physical education.
Whatever the subject I teach I always give 100%, not just to the subject, but to the motivation of the students. Here in Dragon American school I am the Social studies, English and Math teacher. I also give classes of various sporting activities such as table tennis, volleyball and nearly every other sport under the sun.
My main objective in the classroom is to capture the students attention, getting them involved and taking part in the activity with a smile on their face. As I have learnt from my years of experience, a happy mind learns best.
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