12 years growing tomorrow´s inspiring people

Our Story

Dragon American School’s story all began when the school's founders Bárbara Serrano and Juan Morán, both from different professional backgrounds - education and business respectively - met while trying to understand how the Spanish educational system could guarantee a future with the right opportunities for their own children. Both parents felt responsible for trying to provide a solid and fulfilling education for their children, but they felt that the Spanish educational system was not capable of living up to their high standards.



Since we first opened in 2012, the school has grown from a small kindergarten and primary school into a larger school that now caters to students from kindergarten all the way up to high school. The school has had a variety of names but is now known as Dragon American School, the American School of Torrelodones.

In 2019 the school was confirmed as a Cambridge International Centre allowing us to complete both IGCSE and AS/A-Level exams in the school. Then, along with all of the changes that 2020 brought on a global scale, it also brought more local change as we moved into our new site where we now have facilities up to and including High School.

We are also now fully accredited by NEASC (the New England Association of Schools and Colleges) & CIS (the Council of International Schools) – two independent organizations known for connecting outstanding schools worldwide.

Our American, British and Spanish Degree Certificates allow our students access to the best universities in the world.

We are an organic school, not just in terms of our philosophy but also because we are constantly growing and adapting to the changes around us. Education needs to be in a constant state of evolution in order to keep up with a fast-moving and modern world which itself is ever changing and developing. In days gone by, sitting and waiting may have been enough, nowadays, we need to take proactive steps in order to ensure we are at the forefront of the educational community and that we adapt and develop as required.



Barbara and Juan’s paths crossed whilst attending the same parents´ meeting and it was there that they both realized they not only had the same concerns about their children’s futures, but that they could actually work together to create an educational project. They knew that this project would not only meet their own children’s needs but would also be extremely beneficial for other children as well – especially if they used both of their expertises to build it together, and that is how Dragon American School was conceived.

They both recognised the need for a more efficient educational system that could help their children to face the challenges they might encounter in their futures, after school. A type of education that could help them achieve their full potential, respect their desire to learn and allow them to develop without any barriers. An education that would provide them with both the options and the freedom to decide their futures for themselves. And just as importantly, an educational system that would make children happy to go to school once again.

The pair started working on it straight away and they were determined to have a pedagogical model based on the democratic schools model. Bárbara carried out an extensive study on this methodology – which has been proven to be extremely successful – that started in the 20s in Israel, the USA and many other countries with more developed educational systems. While she was doing this Juan, a businessman and successful start-up entrepreneur, provided key strategic value to strengthen the tailor-made pedagogical system that is the Dragon American School of today which we know and love.


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