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Organic School

Dragon American School is an organic school for several reasons:

01. Immersed in nature


The school is located at the gates of the Guadarrama Regional Park. The children in various of their daily activities go out to walk the paths of the mountains.

Torrelodones is one of the most recognized Madrid City Councils in the Community of Madrid for its commitment to the environment.

03. Aligned with the “Zero Waste” Philosophy


• We try to make plastic materials a minority in all our spaces.

• We try to have the most diverse materials possible: metal, stone, wood, glass … since these materials, unlike plastic, have different texture, hardness, sound and temperature.

• We try to use fabrics that are as natural as possible.

• Cleaning products meet the same requirements. In our school we use ecological products to clean our facilities and materials.

05. Code of ethics


We try to ensure that all our suppliers are local and identify with the same ethical code with which we do. At Dragon American School, we understand that an ethical business must respect human rights and the environment.

07. Flexible


At Dragon American School we look at the development and learning of children in an open way and we understand that in order for them to develop their maximum potential we must attend to the needs and interests of our students in a flexible way and let our students participate in their learning. not invading their own interests and needs but adapting to them and finding the common path to develop their full potential.

09. Good working conditions


At Dragon American School we are convinced that organizations made up of happy people are capable of carrying out projects that make other people happy. That is why we try to make all the people who work with us as happy as possible by offering good working conditions and a pleasant work environment that, like our students, can develop as much as possible.

11.Free time


We don’t believe in the need to send kids home with tons of homework and extracurricular work that steals time, not just from kids, but from parents as well. If the children want to work at home, make it meaningful.

02. Food


All food is 100% organic production and produced by local suppliers with the closest possible proximity to our school.

The menu is made in the school kitchen and designed by our chef Hector Melo, named Jamie Olivier’s Food Revolution Ambassador.

At Dragon American School we are committed to a healthy diet and we are respectful of rhythms
development, growth of children, helping them learn to self-regulate. We avoid fats, sugars and artificial flavor enhancers.

In addition, we offer different menu options:
• Omnivore
• Vegetarian
• Vegan
• Without gluten
• Without lactose
• And any other variety of menu with special characteristics.

04. Fair and ecological trade


All the materials that we acquire for our school, as far as possible, come from companies developed in countries that respect human rights and comply with basic fair and ecological trade standards.

06. Development and growth


We have our mission and objectives very clear, but we do not have rigid and fixed rules. The project of our school is developing and growing according to the needs and interests that arise at all times.

08. Own Ecological Garden


In the school facilities there is an ecological garden of 150 square meters managed by staff and students in which we progressively grow most of our vegetables, greens, herbs, flowers and some fruits.

10. Family involved


We promote joint leisure between children, parents and mothers and we believe that both children and adults can develop their capacities one hundred percent if they have a place in their respective worlds.

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