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Middle School and High School

Beginning in Middle School and High School grades 7 to 10 (which is equivalent to the Spanish Obligatory Secondary Education), students are presented with various academic plans:
Unión 9

Core Plan (American)

• American High School Diploma

• Spanish High School Diploma

The american option offers and ample number of subjects from the American Curriculum.

Dragon American School offers the Core Plan to each student by default.

Once MS studies have been completed, students will receive the American Diploma as well as the Spanish one, as we are accredited by “Comunidad de Madrid”.


Extended plan (British International)

British Certification (IGCSEs + A-Level) + Core plan (American and Spanish High School Diplomas)

Student can choose from a range of subjects offered by Cambridge International for IGCSE & A-Levels exams which they would be able to sit in our school.

The International British Certificate is well-recognized among universities all around the world.

Unión 16

What opportunities does the Core Plan offer?

Access to any educational or professional opportunities that require a middle school diploma such as:

• Basic Vocational Training.

• Intermediate Vocational Training.

• High School.

Access to any educational or professional opportunities that require a high school diploma such as:

• Advanced Vocational Training

• The Spanish university access exams (“Selectividad”)

Unión 11

What opportunities does the Extended Plan offer?

• The International British Certifications are given high prestige worldwide.

• In addition to being awarded a British International Certification, students would be awarded American and Spanish diplomas, giving them access to Spanish, British, and other foreign universities.

• With the help of his or her mentor, the student is able to plan their academic itinerary, outlining which exams that they plan to take over the course of 4 years in High School.

Unión 19

What is the minimum passing grade that students can score on their exams?


Minimum Grade = C (approx. 6/10)


Minimum Grade = E

Extended Plan

Cambridge Internacional

IGCSE’s subjects that Dragon American School offers:

• English first language

• English second language

• Spanish first language

• Spanish second language

• Spanish literature

• Business

• Economics

• International mathematics

• Combined science (1 award)

• Co-ordinated sciences (2 awards)

• Physical education

• Art and design

• Music

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Biology

• English literature

• French

In the near future:

• Global perspective

A-LEVEL subjects that Dragon American School offers

• Mathematics

• Further Mathematics

• Thinking Skills

• Biology

• Spanish- First Language (AS Level only)

• English Language

• Business

• Physics

In the near future:

• Global perspective

• Chemistry

• Spanish Literature (AS Level only)

• Art & Design

• Drama

• Music

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