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Double Degree

At Dragon American School when we talk about degrees, we should always keep in mind:


Dragon American School is an American school.


Dragon American School is a Cambridge school authorized to teach and examine IGCSE’s and A-Levels.


Dragon American School is a foreign center authorized by the ”Comunidad de Madrid”

From Middle School onwards, our academic program offers several different learning opportunities:


The U.S. Degree: Our main program (Core Plan) offers a wide range of courses or subjects that are required for students to obtain the American High School Diploma (United States). All students that meet graduation requirements will receive this certification. The US Diploma is valid for admission into American universities and colleges. Furthermore, many private universities in Spain and other institutions around the World accept the American diploma which means an even broader selection for our students when choosing where to study.

Once the student has completed Grade 12 and has met the requirements to obtain the American High School Diploma, the School will begin the procedure with the Spanish Government to obtain the equivalent Spanish Diploma (Bachillerato). Therefore, our students that have obtained the American High School diploma will receive an additional, equivalent certification for the Spanish Bachillerato.

The approval procedure is presented to the Spanish Ministry of Education,, which issues the Spanish E.S.O. degree.


The British International Certification: (not to be confused with the IB, which is something different)

Additionally, students that would like to take on other challenges or would like to study in the UK, can take the Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level exams, certifications that are well-recognized among universities around the world, especially in the UK.

Students choose their curriculum, in order to take at least 4 IGCSE exams throughout the last 2 years of the E.S.O. These subjects are freely chosen. The exams should be taken at a Cambridge Official Center, such as Dragon American School.

Once they pass the 4 IGCSE exams, they get the British International Certificate of Secondary Education, which gives them access to the British International High School.

What happens in High School?

1. Students who have attended the American high school program and have not been examined from IGCSE's, go to North American/Spanish high school.

During the last two years of High School, the students of our American system prepare 4 Specific Proficiency Tests (PCEs) or they can choose between different English subjects and prepare for tests that each country requires (SAT & ACT in the US).

2. Students who have completed and passed their IGCSE exams may prepare 1 IGCSE and 3 A-Level exams.

With the IGCSEs and A-Levels passed, students have access, by average, to most British and American Universities along with universities around the world.

The US Diploma & the international British qualification are very prestigious throughout the world.

The international British qualification is very prestigious throughout the world.

Therefore, whoever takes Middle School and High School at Dragon American School can finish at 17/18 years with 2 different degrees:

• The American certification
• Spanish degree (homologated directly of the American)


• The British International Certification.

If the student wants, he or she can choose whether taking the American Tests (SATs or ACTs) or the PCEs and with the British International Certification, they have direct access (by grade or marks) to most universities around the world.

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