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University Access

The students have the accessibility to attend Spanish, British and other foreign universities with the US Diploma & the British Certificates (IGCSE and GCE ‘A’ Level) that we offer in our Core & Extended Plan. These certificates possess a high world recognition.

Dragon American School recommends each student to choose their own path: The student’s educational mentor will guide them.


University Access

1) For students who would like to have access to the Spanish public universities:

• In the last two years of school, our students in the American system prepare 4 Specific Proficiency Tests (PCEs). The American baccalaureate report is 60% of the grade, the other 40% is the PCE. This part of the final grade would be between 5 and 10. The maximum would be 10.

• In addition, the best 2 grades among the 4 PCEs will be taken into account again, if the subjects tested by the student are considered in the “Tabla de Ponderaciones” of the chosen degrees.

2) For students that would like to study in the UK:

• Our suggestion is taking at least 5 IGCSE exams (including Mathematics & English Language) and 3 A-Level exams depending on the desired degrees/universities. This should take place between grade 10 and grade 12.

3) For students that would like to study in the US or other countries:

• The first step would be checking the admission requirements of the chosen university.

• It may be necessary to take the SAT exam and obtain an English Language Certification, depending on the requirements of the College/University the student is applying for.


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